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Keystone Abrasives manufacturers and supplies a wide variety of sanding discs for many popular sanding applications. We can custom manufacture sanding discs from 1/2" diameter through 42" in diameter with PSA adhesive, H&L, or plain backing from a range of popular coated abrasive products including both cloth and paper products. We also maintain a large inventory of popular style sanding discs for immediate shipment. Listed below are many of our most popular sanding discs.


  • Roll Lock Sanding Discs: Keystone Abrasives has available Roll Lock Type R (plastic male thread), & Type S (metal female thread), in 1.5", 2", & 3". Available in A/O, Z/A, and C/A. These quick change sanding discs are versatile and effective for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

WE ALSO MANUFACTURE.... Surface Conditioning and Non-Woven Sanding Discs, Plain Cloth Sanding Discs, H&L Cloth Sanding Discs & much more!


Besides these popular sanding discs, Keystone Abrasives offers numerous other coated abrasives products available!

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