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Keystone Abrasives manufactures and offers a wide range of abrasive rolls to meet the sanding requirements necessary for a broad range of applications; from economy shop abrasive rolls to precision drum sanding abrasive rolls.   We also offer sticky-backed and H&L abrasive rolls. We can manufacture any size abrasive roll from 1" to 54" in width and in almost any length desired. Below are several of the popular types of abrasive rolls we supply: 


  • Economy Shop Abrasive Rolls: Available in 1", 1.5" & 2" x 50 yds. Flexible abrasive rolls designed for hand sanding. These are handy abrasive rolls for shop use.  Simply pull desired length and tear off.
  • Premium Shop Abrasive Rolls: Available in 1", 1.5" & 2" x 50yds. Flexible abrasive rolls designed for hand sanding. Stronger and more durable than our economy shop rolls, these are quality handy rolls for shop use. Simply pull desired length and tear off.
  • Drum Sanding Abrasive Rolls: Heavy-duty abrasive rolls designed to be wrapped around a drum for sanding drum planing operations. Commonly manufactured in 3", 4" & 6" widths. We can custom manufacture almost any size. Heavy weight H&L paper is also available by request.
  • Floor Sanding Abrasive Rolls: Commonly 8" or 12" x 50yds S/C Paper. Designed specifically for use on a floor drum sander.
  • Sticky Abrasive Rolls: 4.5" x 10yds S/C N/L rolls with adhesive. Designed for use on a 1/4" or 1/2" sheet sander. Grits available 80 - 320.

Besides these popular abrasive rolls, Keystone Abrasives also has numerous other coated abrasives products available! 


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